The Missing Charts – 4 missing albums (Part 2)

This is a series of posts looking at four missing weeks in the UK Album charts from the 1960’s.  This week, the second error in 1969 and how this came to be found after fifty years. Through The Past Darkly An adaptation of UK Album Chart History, in light of some new evidence. Written, researched and […]

The Missing Charts – 4 missing albums (Part 1)

This is the start of a series of posts looking at the four missing weeks of UK album charts from the 1960’s. this first edition will look at two missing from 1960 and whether they will ever be located. Record Retailer April and May 1960 I need to set the scene before showing exactly which […]

Verifying Data – Collecting The True Account

It’s always hard to work out exactly what is the true account, particularly after so many years have elapsed – and thats a statement that is true largely regardless of the field being researched. It’s more true with charts as it is almost always impossible to locate the original data sources. Let me explain… How […]

New Book! And how they are put together

I issued a new book on Saturday for the Billboard Best Sellers In Stores Chart. (If your interested then a link to check out the page is here) and I thought I’d go through the process of putting it together. My last post talked about gathering the data I nave, so this one will talk […]

Where It All Began

After relaunching the website a few weeks ago I’ve been concentrating on updating the database that creates the ChartBookWeekly and the associated books and that’s what I want to talk about now.  When I began to collect the UK charts (and it was the UK as I didn’t know about Billboard back then) it was […]

Chart Errors

Chart errors. Some are genuine mistakes and so can be fixed easily. Some are more annoying as they can’t. I’m going to pick out a one in particular, of the annoying variety, and talk about that, but really there are hundreds over the years. March 1969 The UK Album Charts are the second class citizen […]

So, new website (Same as the old website?)

Well, I wanted a new website.  I actually don’t, what I really wanted was a refresh, but this seemed really good, so it’s a WordPress website.  Does most of what I want and what I don’t want I can turn off.  Probably.   So far I have written a couple of pages and it will take me the rest […]