Record Retailer EP Charts 1960-1967

Record Retailer produced an EP chart from March 1960 to the end of 1967. For this chart the book compiles all of the tracks which made this chart. We also list – for the first time – full track listing in order.

This book has the important information you always wanted to see for each charted record:-

  • Full Track Listing – in order
  • Full Label and Catalogue Number
  • Every Re-entry shown with entry date, peak and weeks

Don’t miss adding this much sought after chart collection to your archive.

PDF download – only £7.50
95 stunning pages in full colour
Check out the sample pages!

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  1. Hello to you

    Was Record Retailer EP Charts the only EP Charts published in the UK?

    Most respectfully


    1. Hi Mark,
      No – Melody Maker had one as well from 1959-1963 as a Top 10. Pop Weekly had one briefly as well, but the sort of main two were Melody Maker and Record Retailer.

  2. Thank you Lonnie for your response.

    I am truly enjoying the two publications i have purchased from you. I must say they are outstanding.

    Well done

    My respects


    1. Hi Tom, sadly it’s down to costing really as to produce it would cost a lot which drives the price up. I want to keep the book affordable in the main. I did look into it some time ago and Amazon were going to charge £10 minimum before you add in anything else, so it’s only really workable if your going to sell several thousand copies and I was not entirely sure I would do that!

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