Melody Maker Albums – 1958-1969

Melody Maker published their own album chart from 1958-1988. This volume contains the first 12 years of that chart, printing the full track listing of each album is shown, with tracks in the order they appeared on the release.

Full durations are shown for each album (except two for which details can not be found).

This is the first time these have been listed in this format making this a unique collection.

At the end of 1969 Melody maker was compiling at least a Top 40, and this was printed (with 31-40 as breakers) in Music Business Weekly, and is presented here for the first time.

In addition, each and every single weekly chart is presented at the end of the book.

PDF download – only £10.

This book has 213 pages and needs to be seen to be understood. Click the link to view a sample.