Page Changes

I’ve spent some time today tidying up the website and consolidating all the information about the UK Decade Series in one easy to find page. This new page is here and I hope that all the links work.

I’ve also added a new option that allows the purchase of all 7 UK Decade volumes for the price of £60, a saving of £10. Of course if you purchase the Decade from the 70 Years series, then the relevant Decade volume is also included with that for free, so you can decide which set you wish to buy.

Billboard Series Updates

The 1947 year for Billboard has been issued, and more are on their way. I’m enjoying putting these together and thank you so much to those who have purchased so far. An ever growing number are doing so and I am pleased you’re all so keen on this series. The current issue features 5 charts, and I thought I’d add a sample here for you to view and see a selection of the pages within.

It’s quite a large sample – 5Mb – but that is because Idid not wish to reduce the image quality, so you can see in full the quality of what you are getting.

I’m happy to answer queries via email – lonnie “@“ the chart – written that way to stop the spam bots! – so do please drop me a line or leave a comment if you have a query or question.