The 70 Years Series – An Update

Firstly, I want to say I am overwhelmed by the delightful messages I have been getting about the first 10 issues of the series that have been released so far. I’m humbled that everybody is enjoying the series so much, and very grateful to you all for purchasing it.

I am amending the subscription rate now so that it does not automatically include the 1950’s decade series of issues. I am doing this simply so that anybody subscribing now gets all future issues (from 1960 onwards) but not the 1950’s series, which must now be bought separately.

If a subscription where started today then payments would be taken for some time after the end of the series, and, in an extreme case, months after if a subscriber began when, say, issue from 1994 had been released.

It is my intention that the price will remain the same for those subscribing now, and that now price increases will occur. I do not intend to increase the price of the series at all. Some have commented that I could have charged more for each volume and I believe that I could have, but I also wish very much to share this with as many as possible, hence the price being set as it is.

Others have also asked about future plans and whilst I do not wish to go into these now, I do have plans for other series. Other significant anniversaries are upon us in the next few years – 2026 for example is the 70th birthday of the Album chart, and 2024 35 years since the Compilation album chart was split form the main albums chart. In America, next year is the 65th birthday of the Hot 100 and other milestones are coming soon for the American charts.

For now though I want to thank you all once again for your continued support and kind messages. On with the series!