Volume 3 – 1970-1979

The records that made the Singles chart as printed in Music Week during the 1970’s are collected here, together with all the Breakers and Star Breakers for the first time. Like our 1960’s book, these show full listings even if they went on to make the main chart!

And, for the first time, we present the complete Breakers charts week by week as used to compile the data for the rest of the book!

This is the first time these have been listed in this format making this a unique collection.

Shows every single charting hit for the decade

PDF download – only £10.

This book is 422 stunning pages in full colour. Check out the sample pages!

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    1. Thanks Keith. The full weekly charts are not currently available as a PDF but the breakers are included in the 1970-79 book.

  1. This sounds like a dream book for me as an autistic chart nerd is there any chance of the books being published on kindle as I dont have Paypal
    Thanks for doing this

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for the feedback. Kindle is not something on my list at the moment due to the way the books are formatted. I tried it and the format makes the books look terrible. You can still buy the books without having a PayPal account. Email me (lonnie at thechartbook.co.uk – I’m breaking the address up so the internet robots don’t grab its for spam) and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice that should mean you can pay via credit/debit card without needing an account. I don’t end up seeing your card details, only PayPal does. Regards Lonnie

  2. I have paid for the 1970 singles book and I’m just checking how I access it

    1. Hi Jack. The books are manually emailed to buyers once I get the email from PayPal to say it’s been bought. Your email came through and the book was sent.

  3. Is the 80s book still in production? The site says coming in 2020 and I have been checking over the last year to see if it had appeared but so far it has not

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. The 1980’s include approximately 1000 chart entries per year ands I seriously underestimated the time it would take to put it together. The chart size is a Top 100 for most of the decade and yes it is coming, but will be towards the end of 2021 now. I need to compete a check of the sorting on the book and ensure that all the artists are in the right place. I know how much people are wanting this volume, but I also want to ensure it’s done well and done properly.

      1. No problem. I know how long all these things take to do. Despite the additional free time the pandemic has given me I still seem to make little progress with my major project to compile a complete set of UK chart hits in digital format. From the late 70s onwards I attempted to buy every chart hit (some of which I really didn’t want!) but there are a few that I never saw a copy in the shops (some releases were very localised – I recall there was a single connected with Lincoln fc). The vinyl records have been converted to digital format and I continue to top up the collection with each week’s new entries (even more records to dislike these days – I’m getting old!!). I still have a few gaps to fill though.

        BTW, although I ticked the box to be notified of new posts to this thread I didn’t receive one.

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