Volume 2 – 1960-1969

The records that made the Record Retailer chart are shown here, together with those that made the Breakers chart – full listings even if they went on to make the main chart!

This is the first time these have been listed in this format making this a unique collection.

Shows every single charting hit for the decade

PDF download – only £10.

232 stunning pages, in full colour

Check out the sample pages to see this volume properly!

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  1. I am interested in the following 4 PDF files:

    – The Decade Series – Volume 2 1960-1969
    – Record Mirror 1955-1962
    – Disc Singles And Albums 1958-1967
    – Melody Maker Singles 1956-1969

    Is it possible to make a single payment by Paypal for the 4 PDF files I want to buy

      1. Hi Lonnie,
        Many thanks for your answer and the Special PayPal Button.
        I made the payment through Paypal
        Best Regards

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