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The Chart Book Weekly is a new weekly PDF publication, emailed directly to your inbox, which will take a week in chart history and present charts from that week in glorious detail. Want the writers? All there. Duration? All there (singles only, with albums being added as sources for some of them can be found). Track listing? Chart run? Tick that’s there too. What about the artist history to that chart week? Oh yes that’s in as well. 

But will that all be readable? That’s a lot of information. And it is a lot and it is readable. Don’t believe me? See the sample below.

The issues will include a singles and albums chart from the UK and the USA (where appropriate as we know that not all weeks had then printed) together with some notes in the charts shown. If issue 10, say, is released on 1 February then the charts will be from an interesting chart year about that date (so maybe 29 Jan or 3 Feb).

The charts won’t always be the usual official charts, at least as far as the UK is concerned. We have Record Mirror, Melody Maker, Disc and others to choose from. From America, for now, we will limit to Billboard only but in the coming few years that will expand.

Nobody else is issuing a weekly look back at older charts. Nobody else is doing the level of detail presented here. And nobody else has the level of detail presented here.

Please use the link below after selecting the option required form the dropdown menu to purchase the amount of issues shown. Unless specifically requested otherwise (please add a comment at checkout), these will always be for the next available issue onwards to the end of the subscription period. Please note that the below are non-recurring, one of payment options.

Weekly Options

Alternatively, if you would like to purchase a single issue then please click on the links below for the specific issue you want to buy.

Please note that all back issues are serviced manually, so delivery can take up to two days.

Purchase Issue 1 (26 Mar 1949) released 26 Mar 2019 below

Issue 2 (3-6 Apr 1959) released 2 Apr 2019

Issue 3 (4 Apr 1964) released 9 Apr 2019

Issue 4 (22 Apr 1944) released 16 Apr 2019

Issue 5 (24/5 Apr 1953) released 23 Apr 2019

Issue 6 (28 Apr 1962) released 30 Apr 2019

Issue 7 (11 May 1946) released 7 May 2019

Issue 8 (11-12 May 1956) released 14 May 2019

Issue 9 (15-18 May 1968) released 21 May 2019

Issue 10 (29 May 1971) released 28 May 2019

Issue 11 (9 June 1945) released 4 June 2019

Issue 12 (10-11 June 1955) released 11 June 2019

Issue 13 (17-19 June 1965) released 18 June 2019

Issue 14 (28 Jun – 1 Jul 1957) released 25 June 2019

Issue 15 (1 to 5 Jul 1967) released 2 July 2019

Issue 16 (12 July 1947) released 9 July 2019

Issue 17 (17-20 July 1968) released 16 July 2019

Issue 18 (25-28 July 1958) released 23 July 2019 (The last Top 100 chart in Billboard!)

A couple of notes:

  • The database currently has charts from 1949-1969 and more are being added once the data has been verified. As such, data is exclusive to this period but data is added at the rate of about a year every week (this will slow down when we reach 1994!).
  • Errors will exist. It’s a fact of life and no matter how carefully I prepare I know some data will be in error or missing due to lack of original sources. Those spotting and correcting an error will receive one free issue per error. If they subscribe they will have one issue added to the relevant subscription option.
  • The charts that form this come from my own collected data. I spent many happy hours in the British Library Newspaper Archive and online at where copies of Billboard may be found. I have found and corrected numerous errors and researched the charts as best I can using internet sources (Discogs for track listings, 45cat and Wikipedia for writer credits as a start). Joel Whitburn excellent book series have been used to verify my data as correct in terms of checking peak positions and highlighting errors in my work.
  • If for any reason I have to cancel the publication, I shall close to new subscribers first and then finish as subscriptions naturally end.
  • Questions? Ask! (Comment below or email me at

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  1. I JUST DISCOVER THIS AND TRULY …THIS IS THE AMAZING!..Greetings from New York City!.i collect Billboard Magazines and all the great ones such as Cashbox,HITS,Radio & Records and GAVIN!..those were the ones that rule america back in the 80s and 90s…love the UK charts,but i have just a few copies of some from the 80s,unfortunately here in Ny theres no data base for MUSICWEEK…still i think i will be reading alot of your blogs and ill try to get some.Once again.Congratulations!

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