Price Change And Other Things

I have spent some time considering how to best promote the ChartBookWeekly, and have had minimal feedback (in either positive or negative form), so I have decided to amend a little, going forward.

Firstly the price has changed. You may be wondering in what direction; well, it has changed downwards. The prices are now as follows

£1.49 a single issue
£4.99 for 4 issues
£12.99 for 12 issues
£22.99 for 26 issues
£39.99 for 52 issues.

All back issues are now priced at £1.49, a reduction of 50p, and, as always, if you want a specific issue or issue set then you just need to specific when your purchase. The default is from the next available issue, but if you want to start 12 issues from, say, issue 34, then thats fine as well. Just tell me, and I’ll ensure you get sent those issues.

Secondly, one set of feedback I got was the amount of information is rather large, as some issues run to over 200 pages. So I have decided to focus on specific charts from now on, and will not, usually, print all the charts I have for a given week. I will still always include the main UK and USA Singles charts, but I will now include a random selection of other charts as well, aiming to keep the page count below 100 pages. As always, your feedback on this is helpful, so do please advise if you want this to stop and revert to the usual system!

Third, I want to mention that I do appreciate that this is a difficult time for some, and so I’ll be looking to see what I can do to add to the website in the next few weeks to try and bring some escapism value to the place. So any ideas as to what you’d like to see, then do get in touch and let me know.

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  1. Hi Lonnie, Just to say that I like the weekly books the way they are. The one I bought the other day, 17th March 1979, was over 400 pages. That’s what I call value for money.
    How do you feel about doing a Readers Top 10 for Singles and Albums but an artist/band can only appear once in each top 10.

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